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​How To Replace a Roof Hatch With Versamount?

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​How To Replace a Roof Hatch With Versamount?

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jan 19th

Routine maintenance is essential for your roof's long lifespan. It is also an important space where some buildings install parts of their HVAC and communication components vital for its operation. Without a proper way to access this critical area might lead to inefficiency and danger to the maintenance personnel who will do the work.

The best way to gain convenient and safe entry to the roof is through a roof hatch because it has a design specifically for that area and provides a fantastic way to solve the most common roof problems. Meanwhile, the VersaMount roof hatches are one of the excellent products you can use. It's popular amongst business establishments due to its reliability and other fantastic features.

Replacement Hatches

Fundamentally, a replacement hatch enables the quick replacement of a roof hatch without reroofing because you only need to remove the damaged parts. VersaMount replacement roof hatches are amongst the most popular due to the weathertight and robust features of the product.

The Replacement Process

A roof access hatch often gets changed when a structure receives a new roof; however, improper removal and replacement of an existing one might endanger the roofing system's integrity. But what if you have a broken roof hatch with the roofing material still in fine condition? If not done correctly, the whole process can be time-consuming and cause leaks.

If the roof is in good condition, most manufacturers' solutions make replacement more manageable and eliminate the necessity of touching the roofing membrane. The VersaMount's innovative, adaptable mounting method allows quick and easy installation straight into the existing roof hatch curb, saving time and money. Here's how to replace a damaged roof hatch:

  • First, remove the old cover and hardware from the existing roof hatch curb.
  • Clean the top surface of the existing roof hatch curb and apply a full bead of caulk around the perimeter.
  • Place the VersaMount Hatch directly on top of the existing roof hatch curb.
  • Insert stainless steel anchor clips provided into the slots of the VersaMount curb at all sides and then secure to the existing roof hatch curb using the stainless steel screws provided.

Standard Features of a VersaMount Roof Hatch

Let's take a look at the VersaMount roof hatch's basic features. The curb has an overlapping flange and an apron design to guarantee water tightness. It must also have a four-inch curb height, which reduces the extra height added to the current curb while still allowing for quick and safe access.

It should include a unique anchor clip system that allows quick, secure, waterproof installation. The VersaMount roof hatch design must function similarly to a standard BILCO roof hatch. It must have compression spring operators for smooth, one-handed operation, an automatic hold open arm, a slam lock with internal and external padlock hasp, and a completely gasketed insulated lid and curb for energy efficiency.

Other Applications

For a job-built wood curb, you can frame a wood curb to the opening of a standard roof hatch dimensions and plastic curb with roofing material. This type of installation is typically for residential applications or for preparing for commercial buildings when there are no roof hatches onsite.

You can also install the VersaMount on a job-built or prefab metal curb, and it also works great on concrete curbs. You can also bend the anchor tag and install it horizontally to accommodate non-standard curb dimensions. The VersaMount not only expands your installation options but provides end-users with the ease of operations, weather type performance, and years at meetings free service that they have come to expect from trusted brands.


A roof hatch is a necessity for modern buildings. With the fast-evolving technology that allows most facilities to install solar panels on the roof area and its challenges from climate change, it is critical to have a safe and efficient way to maintain it. If you need to replace your roof hatch, ensure to consult a reputable licensed professional for their inputs before deciding.

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