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From FAKRO's line of premium skylights, the FX Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight model allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural light. Keep in mind that natural lighting increases the comfort of living and greatly influences health. The FX skylight with unique European design brightens up almost any room. Improve workspaces in your commercial building by installing one of these deck-mounted fixed skylights featuring an easy bracket-free system suitable for 15-to-85-degree roof pitches.

It's easy to install; it's a one-person job complete with a template and required installation hardware in your choice of tempered and laminated glass. The skylight has aluminum cladding with UV-resistant paint for long-lasting performance. You can also find that it has beautiful, handpicked, vacuum treated, lacquered timber frames that add more appeal to its overall design.

Its unique perimeter gasket underneath the frame adds insulation properties, so you don't have to worry about irregular temperature changes inside your building. Besides the unique perimeter gasket, it has an internal gasket system that protects the drywall and frame from condensation. Once you purchase the FX Skylight, your contractors won't have trouble installing everything on the opening because of its easy, "bracket-free installation system."

Lastly, the product has UV-resistant cladding coated for longer resistance with polyester to keep the frame's core from warping or getting damaged from different weather elements each day.

Reasons to Choose FX

  • Provides natural lighting
  • Improves indoor environment
  • Improves overall functionality
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Resists moisture

Best Roof Hatches has a range of FX sizes to fit your construction project. You can request a quote if you have plans to make a bulk order in the future. And if you have questions or concerns about our products, contact us at (800) 431-8651, and we'll be right with you at each step of the buying process!