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It's important to incorporate natural lighting into commercial buildings. What better way to do that than with our FXR Standard Curb Mounted Skylights. It's an affordable option you can make if you want one of the best skylights for a reasonable price. It has a simple yet versatile frame design that works on new and retrofit projects.

Due to its overall design, contractors won't have trouble installing the skylight onto your building's roof. It works efficiently on roof pitches between 0-60 degrees. If you need an addition to your commercial building, ensure you get this FXR skylight installed immediately!

Why Choose FXR

  • Add natural light to your building without breaking the bank
  • Reduce the risk of any moisture-related damage
  • Ensures quick and easy installation
  • A warm spacer increases condensation resistance
  • Heat-reflecting and low-emission double glazing with Argon gas
  • 360 turn-around installation
  • Available with EL-C or EL-H flashing

Don't waste time and turn to Best Roof Hatches right away! We have a team of product experts that will guide you throughout the process to ensure you get the right product you require. Place your orders now at (800) 431-8651. Need more content about commercial construction? Check out our informative blogs today!