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​How Flat Panel Skylights Bring Sunlight to Aquatic Centers

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​How Flat Panel Skylights Bring Sunlight to Aquatic Centers

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Jan 25th

Most aquatic centers nowadays have evolved from standard rectangular shapes to any design that makes them more enticing. Pools can be in-ground or above-ground with patio spaces or spacious landscaping providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Sustainable Roofing

Commercial skylights, indoor aquatic roofing, and vast leisure parks have become more popular. It is an economical lighting option and ideal for controlling solar heat gain when bringing natural sunlight into the pool.

However, regardless of the size, shape, and design, most water sports facilities and aquatic centers incorporate more sustainable roofing materials such as energy-efficient flat-panel skylights and retractable skylight roofing to turn an outdoor pool into an outdoor one for a whole year-round use. A flat roof skylight or domed skylights in swimming pools also allows sunlight, which is more beneficial to health. Meanwhile, a sun tunnel skylight cover is an eco-friendly indoor aquatic center lighting design.

The Benefits of Flat Panel Skylights or Daylighting Aquatic Facilities

1. Control Solar Heat Gain

While some aquatic centers tend to use natural sunlight to benefit human health, unobstructed views and too much sunlight can bring issues to aquatic facilities. Uncontrolled sunlight and solar heat gain might cause uncomfortable hotspots and annoying glare.

While outdoor pictures can be visually pleasing, the pool areas usually require a certain heat level for guests and clients. Solar heat controls such as flat-panel skylights or traditional transparent glass roofing systems can provide more comfort in the area. Utilizing skylight panels such as the best sun tunnel skylights is ideal for many spaces, especially facilities for water sports or aquatic centers.

2. Allow To Use The Facility Whole Year Round

Most skylight companies and manufacturers feature more durable flat panel skylights products that can withstand harsh weather, enhance thermal control during cold climates and offer more than a year warranty on their product. These products allow the facility to be used continuously throughout the year. They are ideal for school gymnasiums and massive aquatic facilities in providing the right solution for daylight in space.

3. Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Letting the natural light in the area during the day will significantly reduce indoor aquatic facilities' energy costs and consumption. It also allows additional architectural flexibility design, especially those retractable skylights. These retractable skylights enable natural and fresh air inside when it opens, letting the owner turn off the dehumidifier systems, thus minimizing power consumption.

4. Good Investment

There are many skylights in terms of type and styles available nowadays, such as fixed, ventilating, tubular, retractable, and sun tunnel. Each of them is ideal for a specific application. For some reason, it is best to incorporate sun tunnel skylights in the walkways as it brings natural sunlight to the area that can illuminate almost the same as the artificial lighting fixtures. With that in mind, a sun tunnel skylight cost is 500$ up to $1,100. The benefits outweigh the price because of its long-term functions.

Incorporating skylight panels provides an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in aquatic centers regardless of style. It can also gain more guests and clients in the facility to become a center of entertainment activities for all ages at any time of the year.

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