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The Benefits of Acoustical Smoke Vents in Movie Theaters

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The Benefits of Acoustical Smoke Vents in Movie Theaters

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 May 11th

Nothing beats watching your most awaited movie in an excellent quality theater. You may be surprised how comfort, high-definition screen, and quality sound system can boost your movie experience. Movie theaters often invest in acoustical materials to enhance the sound of any movie.

A viewer can be more invested in a movie if a quality sound system is produced. Every tension and heartbeat felt from the bass and music can entice your viewers more and thus give quality reviews for your establishment. This is why some establishment owners look for ways to improve office acoustics which are also applicable to theaters. One excellent example is the acoustical smoke vents.

What are Acoustical Smoke Vents?

Roofing experts understand smoke vents can save lives and reduce the amount of property loss. While life and property safety is their primary function, acoustical smoke vents also play an essential part in noise mitigation. Acoustic smoke vents help protect your establishment and aid firefighters in controlling fire break-outs by removing smoke, gases, and heat from a burning building.

They enable better visibility, evacuation time, protection against fire spread, and reduce the risk of smoke inhalation and structural damage. They are activated upon the melting of a fusible link and are ideally suited for large expanses of unobstructed space such as factories, warehouses, auditoriums, and retail facilities.

Let's elaborate more on the different benefits that theaters get when installing acoustical smoke vents.

1. Improves Sound Quality

Theaters rely on excellent sound quality for them to be able to deliver good quality movies to the audience. This is why some theaters are now opting for acoustic smoke vents. An example of this is a school in Massachusetts that renovated its 55,000 square-foot Bass Pavilion for the Arts and Danoff Visual Arts Center. The architectural team from CBT Architects selected four acoustical smoke vents. The acoustical smoke vents used in the Middlesex School renovation are 6x6 foot double-leaf smoke vents with a motorized operation that can be opened and closed remotely. They also include limit switches, which allow for monitoring if the ducts are in the open or closed position. This is a great way to enhance theater sound because Acoustical smoke vents have great Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class ratings.

2. Protection Against Fire Instances

Safety must be a priority in establishments like these because they can get crowded. The best way to prevent them is by installing different types of equipment that can control the fire. The smoke emitted by the fire is considered a lethal gas and can harm many people inside the building. Smoke causes more fatalities than the fire itself. The smoke reduces the amount of oxygen available in the air and inhales hazardous fumes such as carbon monoxide. In addition, smoke and hot air can build up inside a burning building, causing heat damage and even leading to an explosion or 'flashover.'

This is where acoustic smoke vents are beneficial. When the sensors of this equipment detect fire or smoke, the doors of this smoke vent instantly open to allow the smoke and toxic fumes to escape from the building. In just a matter of minutes, firefighters will be able to contain the fire because they will have a sound vision of the area.

3. Preventing Further Damage

Releasing smoke out of a burning building is an advantage for firefighters. They can have better vision because smoke is blocking their way. With this, firefighters can have a better picture and control the problem right at its source, preventing further damage to different structures of the building. Many lives may be at risk without acoustic smoke vents, and saving your establishment may be difficult for the firefighters.

The Takeaway

Incorporating acoustic smoke vents in movie theaters is a great way to enhance your establishment's sound quality and insulation. At the same time, it acts as a safety measure to fight against unsuspected fire instances. It's just like killing two birds with just one stone! Having intelligent investments such as these can undoubtedly help your business in the long run.

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