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​The Role of Safety Railings in Reducing Commercial Roof Hazards

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​The Role of Safety Railings in Reducing Commercial Roof Hazards

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 May 25th

Accidents are inevitable, especially when dealing with great heights like your commercial building's roof. There will be instances when you or your personnel require access to your roof. Therefore, providing safety railings is necessary to prevent falls or slips that can cause unwanted injuries and, in worst cases, casualties.

Roof accidents can be of different factors. Unstable roofs are one of the many reasons you can fall or slip. Before you step on that roof, make sure the surface is stable enough to hold your weight. Weather conditions may also affect how you work on your top, so you should provide materials to double your staff's safety when accessing the roof. You should install safety railings and train everyone on your team to follow safety tips for roof hatches.

Safety railings for construction work are an effective way to manage some of the risks of working at heights. Roofing work involves various tasks that potentially expose workers to the risk of falls both through and from the edge of the roof surface. You should provide physical edge protection for all roofing works as is reasonably practicable.

The effectiveness of safety railings will mainly depend on their appropriate design and specification. You must ensure that it is examined and tested after manufacture and must be properly installed by a professional.

Advantages of Installing Safety Railings

Protection for Your Workers

Roof construction is a risky job that requires proper training for your staff to reduce the likelihood of accidents. This is why roof contractors wear the right gear such as hard hats, suitable shoes, harnesses, gloves, and protective clothes to avoid injuries while on the job. Installing safety railings is also one of the priorities when working on the roof. It provides roof personnel with extra balance and security when external factors get their best.

Improve Worker Efficiency

Any task such as roof replacements, roof coating, or repairing leaks will be a piece of cake for your contractors with the help of safety railings. You will be surprised at how improved they will work on every task because of the added safety. It is most efficient when you need to get something fixed on your roof fast. Finishing a job without interruptions or complications will also be advantageous for you and your tenants because there will no longer be a disturbance in their work and comfort.

Meeting OSHA Guidelines

As stated by OSHA, "almost 6.5 million workers are employed at 252,000 construction sites across the country daily," and thousands of casualties occur yearly. And the highest number of deaths and injuries happen due to falls from heights. OSHA alerts that failing to install a roof fall protection system is a significant cause of these unwanted injuries.

The organization advises making the installation of roof railings a requirement for establishments. The safety railing must meet the specifications put out by the guidelines imposed by OSHA. Having a safety railing system is vital for safety, but the law also requires it. If you're having trouble whether to use permanent or non-penetrating roof fall protection systems, it is essential to look at the benefits of each technique.


Some companies often prefer non-penetrating safety railings over permanent systems because they keep the roof intact. You won't have to put in all the effort to drill or sacrifice the integrity of your roof's warranty. Durable, non-penetrating safety railing systems have cast iron bases that hold rails safely in place.

Meanwhile, a permanent safety railing system will require workers to drill into the roof's surface to connect the railing to the surface. It can cause leaks and nullify the warranty. Plus, installing permanent systems requires extensive time, and re-installation requires breaking through the rooftop surface and resealing.

Having the suitable materials and equipment to help enhance your staff's safety says a lot about handling your business and compassion towards your team. Installing safety railings can benefit the project and even help you save money on any casualty cost. Make sure you purchase your safety railings from a trusted manufacturing company known for producing top-quality products reasonably.

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