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​Things You Need to Know About Aluminum Roof Hatches

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​Things You Need to Know About Aluminum Roof Hatches

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2022 Mar 23rd

Whether commercial or residential, every building consists of critical components such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. As a commercial building owner, understanding the significance of preventive maintenance of these components is necessary to ensure business operations and maintain the facility's structural integrity.

While internal components are vital for operations and compliance purposes, an exterior element collectively protects your most valuable assets. A high-grade roofing system is one of the most significant business decisions you can commit.

Like the other components, your commercial roof needs to be regularly maintained. During repairs and inspections, the contractor would ideally require a safe passage to your top — and this is when you need a commercial roof hatch. Roof hatches fundamentally provide entry to the roof, similar to access doors in walls, ceilings, or floors.

Although there are other ways of reaching your roof, most workers in the construction and repair industry would unanimously prefer a hatch for roof access since they are secure and sometimes spacious enough to conveniently bring their tools on the rooftop. Furthermore, efficient products from Bilco roof hatch and Babcock-Davis roof hatch assure users that they are safe when accessing the roof.

However, many hatches offer various features and designs despite primary functions. So which material is the most ideal for your access needs?

Advantages of Using Aluminum Roof Hatches

There are many factors to review and consider when selecting a roof hatch. These include OSHA roof hatch size requirements and building regulations roof access hatch. Many owners also ask their contractors if roof hatches need to be fire-rated and if they need a stair to the roof hatch.

When considering materials for a roof hatch, aluminum should be on top of your list, primarily if your business operates near the coastal line. Here are some of the advantages that you stand to gain when you choose to install an aluminum roof hatch.

  • Versatility - Aluminum is generally an ideal material in the construction industry since it is remarkably durable and light. Manufacturers can quickly fabricate the material into almost any form, making them an integral part of any building component aside from roof hatches.
  • Durability - Many commercial owners think that metal roof hatches are the most durable; however, you can also rely on aluminum when it comes to strength. Despite being three times lighter, the structural stability of aluminum is comparable to steel.
  • Corrosion Resistance - Since roof hatches are exposed to harsh elements, choosing an aluminum hatch is highly beneficial since it has anti-corrosion properties and can withstand extreme weather. They are also immune to UV rays' damaging effects, ideal for buildings near coastal lines.
  • Thermal Efficiency - Aside from providing access, a commercial roof hatch can also help improve insulation. One material that stands out is aluminum since it has high thermal insulation properties. This superior quality makes aluminum an ideal choice to reduce operating costs.
  • Ecological - Sustainability has never been more prevalent in the construction industry than today. If you want to be more environmentally responsible, choosing an aluminum roof hatch for green buildings would be ideal. In addition, since it's an infinitely flexible material, aluminum is highly reusable and recyclable.
  • Ease of Maintenance - Due to its non-corrosive feature, finish, durability, and flexibility, aluminum needs very minimal maintenance to maintain its quality and working condition. This feature makes aluminum ahead of other materials since it can significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs.

These fantastic qualities make aluminum an ecological and modern roof hatch option. These attributes can directly reduce operational and energy expenses, which leads to a higher monthly profit.


Choosing the suitable roof access material is necessary since not all products are built the same. Ideally, your buying decision will primarily depend on your property's location, cost, and maintenance considerations. Some of the materials are galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper. While all of these materials offer various features, nothing beats aluminum for durability and ease of maintenance.

No other supplier stands out more than Best Roof Hatches when it comes to roof hatches. Partner with us now to gain access to our vast collection of quality products from all the trusted brands. Make the right choice and dial (800) 431-8651 to start ordering your roof hatch today!