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Things You Should Know Before Installing a Roof Access Hatch

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Things You Should Know Before Installing a Roof Access Hatch

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 Aug 25th

A roof access hatch is one of the requirements in roofing projects. Some homeowners don't realize that roof access hatches can increase the value of a home and improve safety. When it comes to roof access hatch design that provides easy and safe access, it is best to explore the features before installation, whether for a commercial or residential roof.

As far as the design of the roof access hatch is concerned, there are several things to consider:

Things To Consider Before Installing A Roof Access Hatch

  • Ceiling design and the pitch of the roof
  • Location for which access to the roofing system is essential
  • Height of the ceiling from the floor or vice versa
  • Roofing material knowledge
  • Should the roof need an access hatch with railings or a walkway

When you are planning to install a roof access hatch for residential or commercial use, it needs to address different factors to meet the specifications that provide sufficient and safe access for the entire life cycle of the structure.

Color and Design

When choosing the most suitable roof access hatch, you will have several color design options. Try to choose based on what will coordinate with the roofing system.


Whether commercial or residential, roof access hatches are required to give secure and permanent access to the roof area. To ensure that you pick the correct roof hatch, you need to identify first the primary purpose or reason for requiring access to the roof.

You need to assess if the roof hatch is only for maintenance or repair reasons that require equipment access? Or is it for regular access to your roof for relaxation purposes? These things must be looked at when choosing the correct roof hatch.

Product Specifications

Once you have identified your reason for installing safe access to the roof, you need to make an informed choice of which roof access hatch system will suit your installation's needs. It is essential to specify the type of roof access hatch and the combination ladder to ensure that your access going to your roof is as safe as possible without any miss calculation, such as the ladder length and the opening size of the roof hatch.

However, you should note in your choices that the ladders require a minimum head clearance of 120mm, and the maximum length of the ladder is not more than three meters per standard building code of fixed ladders BS4211-7.2.

Regardless of the roof access hatch size, the system must be easy and safe to operate with one. And enable the individual to have three points of contact in the ladder when opening the roof access hatch. And during the installation process of the roof access hatch, the position of the ladders is on the opposite side of the hinge to ensure no obstruction and safe access.

To ensure that you successfully meet all the criteria, you can also consider whether it requires a custom-made roof access hatch to achieve its purpose.

Questions to Think About

Here are some questions to consider before installing a roof hatch:

How Useful is a Roof Hatch?

Every roof access hatch is incredibly helpful in enabling easy and safe access to your roof, especially during recreation and maintenance. By having it, you ensure that your family has a way to escape and get outside your home during emergencies.

Are Roof Hatches Quite Fragile?

Modern roof access such as Galvanized Roof Hatches has high-quality measures to ensure your roof hatch can withstand outside elements like snow or rain and from wear and tear and can last for years.

Will a Roof Hatch Protect My Home From Intruders?

Many roof hatches provide reliable security and prevent illegal entry from trespassers to choose from, such as Security Roof Hatches.

Will a Roof Hatch Interfere With the Design of My Home?

Roof hatches aesthetically blend with the roofing materials depending on the roofing and roof access hatch design. And in the interior space, you can paint the opening to perfectly blend with the ceiling surroundings to match the finish to the interior design.

Whether residential or commercial, the roof access hatch has an essential role in every structure. You can also read Selecting A Roof Hatch That Meets Your Needs to know more about roof access hatch before installing.