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Green Benefits Of Upgrading Your Condo Roof

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Green Benefits Of Upgrading Your Condo Roof

Posted by Best Roof Hatches on 2021 May 12th

What is the highest form of flattery? Imitation, and for thousands of years, we humans have a lot of inspiration that we draw directly from nature. This form of imitation resulted in a trend known as green building. It is not a new concept but has been getting more and more attention lately due to the increasing emphasis on combating global warming.

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With this growing awareness for responsible building, designers now incorporate areas where a plot of land could hold plants. The roof is often the area designated to grow this piece of nature in condo units. Making the building look pretty is not the only thing it does, though. Here are the reasons why upgrading to a green roof is suitable for your condo unit.

Benefit #1: Decreases Your Carbon Footprint - If condo roofs get converted into green areas, it will minimize our impact on the environment. The area will absorb some carbon dioxides and methane, which will minimize the effects of a phenomenon we call the Heat Island Effect. This phenomenon happens when structures trap and re-emit heat which causes temperatures in urban areas to be hotter than the natural landscape. By absorbing most of the heat-causing gases, it helps regulate the surrounding areas' temperature and acts as a filter that purifies the air.

Benefit #2: Reduces Costs - It reduces costs in two areas. The first one is on energy costs. It minimizes the energy consumption of the HVAC system as it also helps in the regulation of heat. So the energy consumption of the building is also reduced. The second is material costs. It helps to prolong the HVAC system's life. It also helps with storm management as it absorbs the stormwater, lessening the stress on sewers, which significantly impacts the city and lessening the material cost for repairs and replacements.

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Benefit #3: Creates a Habitable Environment - The area also benefits the animals, especially birds and insects. It can create a habitable zone for them. It can also become a place where everyone can congregate and enjoy the feeling of being close to nature, minus the hassle of going into a park.

Benefit #4: It Helps You Get Higher LEED Certification Points - LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. If you aim for recognition as a leader in environmentally responsible building practices, you should have the goal of increasing your LEED certification points. It helps you create a positive image for your building. Most LEED-certified buildings also have faster lease-up rates and may qualify for a host of incentives like tax rebates and zoning allowances. It may also help retain higher property value.


This blog seeks to inspire property owners to create a greener and more sustainable future, for we are one with every being living on this blue planet we call home. For ease of access to your green roof, this roof hatch might interest you. You may also call 1-800-431-8651 for more details.